Purchase of Office Equipment for the Accountant General Office


Planning Rationale: 2021 SME Projects
Awarding Organisation: Office of the Accountant -General of the State
Budget description: DSTG 2021 Approved Budget
Budget Amount: ₦1,996,490
Budget URI: https://www.deltastate.gov.ng/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/APPROVED-FY2021-DELTA-STATE-BUDGET.pdf
Planning Budget Project: Purchase of Office Equipment for the Accountant General Office


Tender title: To Purchase Office Equipment for the Accountant -General Office
Tender status: complete
Tenderers Legal name: Jomalo Ventures, Charlesville Technology LTD, Sure Integrated Resources
Item description: Office Furniture
Tender Submission Method: Written
Tender Start Date: 2021-01-14
Tender End Date: 2021-01-21
Tender Period Duration (Days): 7
Number of Tenders: -3


Contract Award Amount: ₦1,996,490.00
Date Awarded: 2021-01-22
Supplier: Sure Integrated Resources
Supplier's Locality: Oshimili South
Supplier's address : Asaba
Award Status : active


Contract name : Purchase of Office Equipment
Contract Status : terminated
Contract amount : ₦1,996,490.00
Contract Start Date: 2021-01-22
Contract End Date: 2021-01-30
Contract duration (Days) : 8



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