Maintenance work at the Treasury Cash Office, Warri


Planning Rationale: 2020 SME Projects
Awarding Organisation: Office of the Accountant General
Budget description: DSTG 2020 Approved Budget


Tender title: provision of Doors and windows, repair of electrical installations,, plumbing works, painting of building , repair of fixtures and fittings with general works
Tender status: complete
Procurement method: selective
Number of Tenders: 3


Contract Award Amount: ₦1,032,182.32
Date Awarded: 2020-12-14
Supplier: ,Nwali tech Work
Supplier's Locality: Warri
Award Status : active


Contract name : Maintenance work at the Treasury Cash Office, Warri
Contract Status : terminated
Contract amount : ₦1,032,182.38
Contract Start Date: 2020-12-14
Contract End Date: 2020-12-28
Contract duration (Days) : 14



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